Wigs and hairpieces

Hair loss can happen to anyone, for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, losing our locks can be a real source of upset and lead to a lack of confidence in both women and men.

Not just a genius with real hair, Jim found he was spending a fair bit of time correcting wigs for existing clients that were either not working for them or proving to be too thick and warm for the Portuguese climate.

After a conversation with a colleague, Jim discovered the Elite Hair International group in Paris making really thin wigs for women and men. They have an invisible front mesh matched to your skin colour and can be worn in the heat of summer, even walking on the beach.

Jim says: “With chemotherapy, people normally need a wig for around 12 months.” A private 1.5-hour consultation will see Jim work with you to create a bespoke wig exactly to your desires, specifications and personalised colour options. Jim takes your measurements and your style preference, emails it to Paris and the wig is often back in the salon within two weeks, ready to be trimmed and fitted.

The wigs are fully synthetic, and Jim is so confident in their quality that he says: “When I was in Paris, they put a lot of wigs in front of me on the table, they asked me to pick out the real hair one and I couldn’t.”

Super easy to care for, a synthetic wig can be washed simply in a bowl, placed on a specialised stand and it will dry back in the exact shape that it was when you got it from Jim. Like magic!

There is also a stylish collection of turbans, for Jim, it is all about giving people their confidence back. Having worked on people’s hair for so long, it was easy for him to see what was missing in the market. He says: “We thought we’d go into fashion a little with the turbans. We looked at how we could make a change if you can’t wear the wig for some reason; you can still feel confident and protect your scalp from the sun with a beautiful turban.

Whether you’re experiencing temporary or permanent, total or partial hair loss, you can rest assured that you’re in safe (and stylish) hands with Jim

Excerpt from Sally Dixon article for AlgarvePLUS