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A healthy body and a clear mind…

I have always regarded the need of staying healthy as my priority. For me working as a Hairstylist standing on my feet all day, mostly in all the wrong positions, resulted in problems with my back, shoulders and neck.

I believe mobility training and eating a healthy diet are important in my own daily routine (except in the weekends when I love to enjoy a good restaurant and all the wine that goes with it).

Not everyone wants to be in a gym with pumped up people and blaring music with eyes on what they are doing, so I created my ‘Jimnasium’ to share the possibility of better mobility and healthier living with clients who prefer to exercise in private, with their partner or a close friend, and if desired with their personal trainer.

During your 70 minute training session the door and windows will be closed off so it’s just you and those you bring along. Our gym has all of the equipment you would expect to find in a professional gym including machines, free weights and a huge tv for those who want to follow along with a favourite routine.

The gym can be booked by appointment either in block bookings at your chosen time and day(s) every week, or just one-off bookings at your preferred time, all subject to availability of course.

The cost of hire is 50€ for 70 minutes, which includes bringing your personal trainer. We supply fresh towels and water.

Our gym is spotlessly clean so that all users can benefit from a hygenic space, to maintain this, we simply ask you to leave your day shoes at the door and change into gym shoes to use the equipment.

Feel free to contact me for information or bookings.